April 2nd, 2008


Back-to-back committee meetings at my house Sunday

At least I only need to clean the house once... :)

At noon is the planning committee for the Michigan Dance Heritage fall meeting. I went to that dance weekend this past fall and had a wonderful time. We rent a camp on the shore of lake Huron with cabins and a couple lodges and there are two tracks of dance workshops all weekend - English dancing, contra dancing, and this year I think we'll have some sort of Chinese dancing as well. Last year they had Tango and some Hungarian dances, and there are also workshops for musicians and a big fun dance Saturday night. The music is all live, the group lively.

We are looking for someone to lead coordination of the food for the weekend (there's a huge commercial kitchen and cafeteria in one of the lodges), so if you're interested let me know or come to the meeting.

That meeting will be over (or retired to the basement) by 2 and at 2 is the ConFusion concom meeting. All are welcome at that as well. We will be discussing plans for a fan table and guerrilla con promotion tactics for Marcon and Clubfusion for Penguicon, as well as the general calendar for the year, the concom, and what positions we still need to fill.

Btw, if you are a student, please consider joining our street team to strategize on reaching out to college students all around the region. Or if you know a student, recruit them!

My house is 509 Dartmoor Rd, Ann Arbor MI, 48103. Just south off Liberty between 7th and Stadium onn the west side of town. Easy to find.
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Talk Hard! RSS feed

The new blog Talk Hard! now has an lj feed at talkhardnow. May the reading and kibitzing commence. Please comment on the site rather than the LJ. Someday I'll learn how to configure the feed to say that.

Probably right after I give the site something other than the default theme...

EDITED TO ADD: um, I'd really appreciate it if people would friend the feed so it doesn't look so lame... you might even find it interesting to read, who knows? (not that you have to read it to friend it)