March 20th, 2008

Dark Simpsons Anne

On Closing US Horse Slaughter Plants

My friend blue_lucy is studying to become a veterinarian. She made a post today about horse slaughtering, and how, as far as she's seen, closing the US horse slaughter plants have actually made both living and slaughter conditions worse for horses here, as older horses get ignored or abandoned instead of slaughtered, or shipped to Mexico to be slaughtered where the humanitarian laws of the US do not apply.

But don't just read my summary. I convinced her to make her comments public so you can read them here.
Brian and Anne

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Oh, the reality!

I can tell I'm getting real guitar lessons because yesterday I was assigned to do isometric exercises that seriously make my whole hand hurt, from the stretching and the muscles not used to doing that and stuff. (Index on third fret and hold down (play string continuously) add middle on fourth and keep holding both and add ring finger on fifth fret and hold and play and then pinky on 6th. Keep playing and release them, one by one. Go down one string. repeat.)

I suddenly found myself remembering playing the baritone horn with braces on. Interesting that I should have this old old association between mastering music and pain...

The pain in my fingertips is going down a bit, I think. trying not to be too optimistic about that part though.