March 18th, 2008

Brian and Anne

Happy St. Patrick's day, indeed.

I had a wonderful time last night at a house party celebrating the 10th anniversary of local band North. My favorite part was actually during the jam session post the North-only performances, when Jim Novak (a local poet and musician who runs a monthly open mic and is a terrific performer), whipped out some of his William Butler Yeats. It was wonderful.

Reminded me of a visit to Terry Wooten's Stone Circle I made when I was younger, up by Torch Lake.

Interested in the open mic idea?

There is an open mic each Tuesday night at Oz's Music. On the FIRST Tuesday of each month, Jim Novak hosts "Songwriters Open Mic." Performers are videotaped and edited for a community-access TV show seen weekly in Ann Arbor (also in Grand Rapids and other places). This open mic, and the TV show of the same name, are for original songs, played unplugged. "Songwriters Open Mic" is in its 10th year at Oz's. The OTHER Tuesday night open mics at Oz's are more of the traditional anything-goes variety (originals or covers, plugged or unplugged, etc).

Oz's Music
Open Mike
Every Tuesday at 7:30pm
1920 Packard
Ann Arbor, MI
Brian and Anne

movie movie movie

Does anyone have a copy of Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story I can borrow? I've decided I could stand to watch more Jason Scott Lee. I guess I'm interested in seeing the Jungle Book too.