February 27th, 2008

Brian and Anne

Bibliographic standard for Sfeditors wiki

I've noticed quite a few editors tend to post their work listings on SF Editors in reverse order, like one might on a resume. I myself tend toward the chronological standard most used in wikipedia. That might be my history degree speaking. I've also see listings with title, author, author --title, etc. many different ways to present this information. Just for kicks, I'd like to know how other people would format entries (feel free to browse SFeditors to get a feel for variation. (Check recent changes to find ones I haven't resorted yet.)

(as an aside, I've already suggested in the template that publisher only be listed where the editor is freelance or the title is not by their primary publisher. for the moment anyway, that keeps listings cleaner and makes it easier for people to add information quickly.)

Poll #1145257 Bibliographic standards

Which order should works be listed in on SF Editors (by year)

Most recent at the top, like a resume
Chronologically down: most recent at the bottom

How should listings of books edited be formated?

author, title -- publisher
title, by author (publisher)
author - title
some other way (please leave a comment)

How should collections or anthologies be identified?

"edited by ____" is sufficient
label them as "an anthology" or somesuch somewhere
don't worry about it.
Yellow Simpsons Anne

Oh internets, help me with my mixed platform environment

So. I've been assigned some IT-type responsibilities at EDA. I have not used a macintosh regularly for nearly a decade and am just starting to feel almost comfortable on the mac laptop they got me. We have both Windows machines and macs on the network and have a Mac OS X server, which I'm about to upgrade to 10.5.

I feel like a total newb in this environment. In case I have some Mac-heads here, I wanted to ask. What should I read? Where should I go for advice and problem solutions?

Especially, how can I set things up so our windows users can connect to the Mac server as a shared device (like a mounted drive --basically like the mac users can) instead of having to sftp into it?