February 7th, 2008

Brian and Anne

SF Editor Watch

So... over at the SFAwardsWatch site we're about to start hosting what has previously been the Hugo Editor Wiki but which we are probably going to call SFEditorWatch. This is a site where editors (aand fans) will be able to log in and edit their own or others' entries listing what books they have edited in each year, so those of us who nominate and vote for awards like the long form editor Hugo Award have more information to go on.

I'm debating what kind of system to set up for this. I'm most familiar with mediawiki but something like PMWiki might be a little more user friendly. Then again, if I set up my own system I can enforce consistency in how people input data (thus possibly introducing problems when peoples' data doesn't match my forms). Phpwiki is nice in that it has a MySQL database behind it. I've never set one up before. Have you? What do you recommend/what should I think about as I go to do this? Advise me! (Thanks!)

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Should I use a wiki or some other database-driven sort of system

Don't care; either way some people will be unhappy

What Wiki Software should I use?

something else

If Something Else, then what?

toga stitch

Fundraiser for Lawrence Kestenbaum, Feb 18, 5-7 pm, Leopold Brothers

WHERE: Leopold Brothers, 523 S. Main Street, Ann Arbor.

WHEN: Monday, February 18, 5pm-7pm.

WHO: Larry Kestenbaum (kestenbaum), Washtenaw County Clerk/Register of Deeds,
running for re-election this year.

WHAT: Campaign fundraiser. Essentially, people come in, drop off a check
in a bowl near the door, mill around, eat, drink, and talk about politics
or whatever. At some point, somebody stands up and introduces all the
politicos who are present, and Larry makes a very brief speech. Food is free,
alcohol costs. Pretty much like a party, other than that.

HOW MUCH: Whatever you care to contribute (from $1 to the insane legal
limit of $3,400). No cash. No corporate checks. No money from foreign

WHY: (Larry writes:) "I was elected County Clerk/Register in 2004: it's the position that's
responsible for vital records, elections, deeds, court records, business
names, etc. I've accomplished a lot and very much enjoy the job, so I'm
running for a second term this year. Customers, staff, county
administration and local officials have been pretty happy with the office
under my leadership. However, I must run for renomination in August, and
primaries are highly unpredictable. Campaigns cost money, and this is a big
county, with a third of a million population. If I lose, my replacement
will surely be someone far less techie than I."

Larry's a good guy, and a good clerk, and he throws a nice party, so check it out.