January 22nd, 2008

Dark Simpsons Anne

New term learned at High Voltage ConFusion

Shapnhower: a shag, a nap, and a shower.

Typically done at an SF con between the hours of 4 and 6 pm (prior to dinner) but possibly at other times. Also spelled Shapnhaur, in honor of Dr. Shapnhaur, a visit to whom may be alluded to as an invitation to the above.

e.g. "What have you been up to since the movie?" "Shapnhaur."

(pr: shop-en-ow-er)

...There's something about the term shag that's so brightly forthright it can't quite be embarrassing. I learned the term 'shapnhower' Sunday evening (I have loved some of the dinner table conversations at this year's con) and I've already become quite fond of it.
Brian and Anne

ConFusion pictures. The Cute! It Burns!

31_scott and lucy
Originally uploaded by netmouse.

I was playing with my new camera this weekend, which has a very wide aperture compared to my old camera (some of the pictures in this set are taken with the old camera too. I was rich in cameras this weekend).

Please let me know if you have or have seen pictures online from ConFusion and point me to them. Here's My whole set of pictures from High Voltage ConFusion. The one shown is of Scott and Lucy. There is a reason those two are in teh Cute Brigade. :)

Kevin Nickerson has also posted pictures of Hall Costumes and the Masquerade Costumes and I will try to update this post with other collections as they appear. I am particularly looking forward to seeing pictures from the pirates as they are the only ones I remember taking a picture of me on Friday night when I had particular fun with my outfit...

UPDATE: pictures and convention reviews are being linked to here.