December 1st, 2007

Dark Simpsons Anne


Two things to spread the word about:

1) Do consider a gift to the Haven Foundation as part of your holiday giving, and help protect freelance artists from medical or other catastrophes.

2) If you're a LiveJournal user, LJ has quietly decided for you that by default you don't get to see Adult or "offensive" content in your LJ search results. If you don't want them filtering that stuff, go change your viewing options here.
Dark Simpsons Anne

I might be weird (*gasp*)

A short while ago, I felt suddenly sick to my stomach. I considered going downstairs to get something to eat to settle it, or something. Instead I decided to read LJ in case that made me feel better. Which it did.

It's possible I was just stressing too much. This post by matociquala was particularly helpful.