November 11th, 2007

Dark Simpsons Anne

Hello, Winter.

This week I finally started wearing scarf, hat, and gloves, and got my flu shot, and also suffered my first (and hopefully last) illness of the winter - a sore throat/sinus-y thing much like one suffered by a coworker the day before me. Happily, the illness seems to be fading after only a couple days. I stayed home from U*con today to rest and finished reading Earth Logic after a brief breakfast and ConFusion Programming conversation with Jeff, who'd stayed the night but was heading back in to U*Con, unlike me.

We're planning on our next Programming meeting being December 1st, btw, the day before the next ConFusion Concom meeting. Both will likely be at my house.

After reading and sleep and more reading and a nice steamy shower I finally got moving around the house. While doing the dishes I gazed out the back window and contemplated the arrival of Winter and also the handyman tomorrow to do some work on the back porch. I threw on some warmer clothes and some work gloves and went out and brought in the cushions from the porch furniture, and the low glass shelf that I keep plants on in the summer, and then the hoses from the front and the back yards, and so on, including the ceramic hangings from the porch walls to make sure they don't get knocked off while the porch is being pounded on. I also went up the ladder in the garage to consider what's in the attic there (mostly holiday stuff) and to make a space for the cushions, which I'll take up there once I have someone else here to hand them up to me.

This was after an afternoon in which I *finally* got around to attempting a few fix-it projects that have been sitting around for months or years, seeing if superglue will work. Now there are a few stacks of heavy books on top of things in my office, waiting for the glue to set.

And now I am tired. I think I will warm up another mug of cider and sit and read some more. Winter is good for some things, after all. :)