November 10th, 2007

Brian and Anne

Come to Ucon!

Ucon is today and tomorrow at the Michigan Union on State Street at S. University. This is a large gaming convention. I am sitting at the ConFusion table just inside the always-impressive Exhibitors hall. There will be SCA demos here later.

We are still looking for volunteers and I am in particular looking for someone to sit at the ConFusion table around 1 to give me a lunch break...



I will give you chocolate chip cookies. Just to tide you over...

Literary Journal looking for support, submissions, and subscriptions

novapsyche has been part of a writer's workshop group and it is with interest that I note they have produced their first quarterly publication and are on to working on the next! Since she is helping edit, I am confident it will be a quality publication. :)

Third Wednesday is the name of the game, so check out their website and please consider giving a start-up literary endeavor some support. thanks!