October 19th, 2007

Brian and Anne

What's your Walk Score?

I checked out walkscore.com this morning, to see if it correctly reflects how nicely positioned my house is in Ann Arbor, so far as walking. It used Google Maps to calculated a walkability from 1 to 100 of the location based on what shops, etc are in the area.

Mu house has a walk score of 65 - meaning there are lots of walkable places around but you would probably still need to use a bike, car, or public transportation to run most errands. That seems like a fair estimate, considering that it matches my behavior. There were some weirdnesses, though, including the fact that its list of nearby parks was absent the Eberwhite woods park that's right behind the house as well as Vets park, both of which were on the map it used to show the shops and other locations it took into account.