October 18th, 2007

Brian and Anne

Wang Dang Doodle Cocktail Party! Downtown AA Oct 19 5:30-8 pm

What: Wang Dang Doodle Cocktail, a fundraiser for Michigan ACLU's LGBT Initiatives
When: Friday, Oct 19, from 5:30 till 8.
Where: 210 South Fourth Ave in beautiful Downtown Ann Arbor.

Donation: $25 (or more!) gets you in.

Note you can direct $20 of your donation toward an ACLU membership, which I encourage you to do...

More info and tickets (or an opportunity to donate to the LGBT Project, if you can't make it) at: http://action.aclumich.org/party

That's at the AA Dems office, which is between Washington and Liberty, on the West side of the street. The party is being hosted by Lou Glorie and Ron Suarez who will provide cocktails, food and music. If you've never heard Ron DJ a party or seen what kind of spread he lays out, now may be the time.

I'll probably aim to stop in before my 7:00 dance class.