October 11th, 2007

Brian and Anne

Happy National Coming Out Day!

October 11th is a day for celebrating diversity in sexuality and lifestyles. At Grinnell we used to write happy positive reinforcements all over the campus in brightly colored chalk and have events all day...

... I miss that. I came out as bisexual at Grinnell, and appreciated the support structures there such as the coming out discussion groups. If anyone ever wants to talk about the process of coming out, or about your own considerations and curiosities regarding your sexuality, I'm here to listen if you need an ear -drop me a note at netmouse (at) netmouse.com if you want to talk. It's not about figuring out what slot you belong in - sexuality runs along a whole bunch of different axes, whether they are het/gay/bi, fem/male, sub/dom, mono/poly, etc. and I believe that those ranges include infinite varieties of people within them. There's a lot to figure out and explore, and happily it's a lifelong process.

So here's my proverbial scratches on the wall...

Happy Coming Out Day!

It's not about labels, it's about being yourself!
Explore! Create! Communicate!

Freedom is something we have to defend on a daily basis. That takes bravery. Be bold. Be beautiful. Be you.

For more coming out day fun HRC has a video on YouTube. We are making progress, really. To keep going, we have to Keep Coming Out!