October 8th, 2007


Dish turned out well but chili oil in the eyes is not so good

I think maybe the next time I slice up chili peppers I will use latex gloves or something. I was fine during the cooking but even after I had washed my hands a few times my fingernails had traces of chili oil under them. Later in the night I absentmindedly rubbed my eye or brushed a hair away a couple times and found my eye stinging instead of feeling better. Not excruciating pain or anything, but something I'd rather avoid.

That said, though, we enjoyed this basil eggplant dish quite a bit. The recipe was very easy to follow - I particularly appreciate all the pictures. If you make it, note that you put in nearly the same volume of basil (loosely piled) as you do eggplant. Once it wilts it reduces down substantially.