October 7th, 2007

Brian and Anne

TV events (miniseries and such, not so much regular shows)

As I recently posted on a friend's journal as a comment, when I think TV miniseries of my childhood, I think of "V", which I'm pretty sure I've seen more than once, "The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby", which is why I first fell in love with Roger Rees, and "North and South", about the civil war.

What TV events and miniseries do you remember taking a chunk of time out of life when you were young?

Exploring with Eggplant

I have just recently been learning that I really like eggplant in Indian and Thai food. I am planning to xplore doing some of that kind of cooking, though I'm not very familiar with those cuisines or their ingredients. In looking at recipes just now, I also found out there are different kinds of eggplant and am wondering where to get the different kinds.

Do you have any favorite non-western eggplant recipes? If so, please share!
south park ninja


I just cleaned the kitchen sink with a cleanser we found at my grandmother's house called "Bar Keeper's Friend." Based on the smell, I believe the warning not to get it in your eyes, but using it is worth the risk - this stuff kicks Soft Scrub's ass! It easily returned the sink to a shiny white. I tried it on the rust stains in my bathroom sinks as well, and it did a respectable job there too. It takes a little extra work to rinse it cleanly off, but I think I've found a new favorite cleanser.