September 20th, 2007

Brian and Anne

A Papa finds his Pride

Check out this video of the Mayor of San Diego explaining a change of stance on gay marriage (posted yesterday after he refused to veto a resolution on the topic that he had previously promised to veto). It is sincere, and to the point (a "separate but equal" institution like civil union is not the same, and not in line with justice), and obviously heartfelt.

He explains that members of his family and staff are part of the Gay and Lesbian community, including his daughter Lisa.

"In the end, I couldn't look them in the face and tell them that their relationships, that their very lives, were any less meaningful than [mine with my own wife]."

(he had trouble saying that last because he was choked up with emotion)


strange melody

me: Do de doo...
she: How did that become the strange melody of our lives?
me: what?
she: Do de doo...

me: oh.
she: 'cause everyone says it...
me: I don't know.