August 28th, 2007

Brian and Anne

Musing on identity

From Master and Commander, by Mr. O'Brian,

   'Identity?' said Jack, comfortably pouring out more coffee. 'Is not identity something you are born with?'
   'The identity I am thinking of is something that hovers between a man and the rest of the world: a mid-point between his view of himself and theirs of him - for each, of course, affects the other continually. A reciprocal fluxion, sir. There is nothing absolute about this identity of mine.'

This seems rather sympathetic to my own experience.
Your thoughts?
Brian and Anne

Laugh your donkey off!

(So sayeth the alpha monkey, Ken)

Another timely reminder that Monkey Rampant will be taking the stage this coming Friday at 10 pm at the new Dreamland Theater at 26 N. Washington St. in Ypsilanti. We go up right after the Crossroads Music Festival which is conveniently located outside the theater.

[That's between Michigan Avenue and Pearl, just north of Michigan Ave. If memory serves, if you take Huron from the freeway there are two public parking lots off Huron, one before Michigan Ave and one after, both on the left side of the street. That's just one block East of Washington.]

We'll be performing 24 original sketches for you, 22 of which will be in a completely random order! They range from the very silly to the sublime (well...the more intellectually stimulating anyway).

There will be no intermission as the show will probably run just over an hour. Admission is $6 at the door, or $5 if you bring at least 3 non-perishable items for SOS Community Services (

This is an all-ages show, but some of the content is not appropriate for children; please use parental discretion.

We're loud. We're funny. We're Monkeys.

It's Comedy, Monkey style!

See ya there!