August 12th, 2007

Brian and Anne

Annie plates

Annie plates
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What do you do with stuff like this? I'll never want to serve on it, or put it on display. Is it enough to record it for posterity? My mother has saved them for me for decades. Now I have them. But I find them embarrassing. And I feel they will just take up space and be dead weight to move around when I move.

What to do?

Do you save stuff like this done by your kids?

Brian and Anne

Go see Stardust!

my stardust outfit

Stardust was spectacular! And delightful!

Spectacularly delightful!

The company was also quite nice. Thai Kitchen served us up a delicious repast, and after the movie we swung by Coldstone Creamery for a capper and sat outside a coffee shop until midnight, chatting. Some people who were expected were missed, but I hope they enjoyed however their evenings turned out. I certainly enjoyed mine.

I had extra fun with my outfit too, sporting a hat that is new to me, inherited from my grandmother, and a green amber pendant my sister gave me that I just paired with the right cord and that later I realized kind of echoed the necklace worn by Yvaine for most of the movie.

Now go see the movie. No, really, go now! Today!