August 7th, 2007

Brian and Anne

Reminder: Vote today in Primary Election for City Council Representatives

One of the candidates for City Council this year is Sabra Briere. I have known Sabra nearly all of my life and heartily recommend people vote for her. Besides being an incredibly intelligent and capable person, she makes absolutely fabulous chocolates.

I'm also supporting Mike Anglin over Wendy Woods for Ward 5. I've met him. He's got a lot of good ideas and is motivated to support the aspects of Ann Arbor I value the most.

Whoever you're voting for, vote! Find your polling location

Some input from the Ann Arbor Area Arts Alliance:
On August 7, 2007, primary elections will take place for candidates seeking a seat on the Ann Arbor City Council.

As a public service, the Arts Alliance asked the candidates to respond to the following two questions about their positions on arts and culture in our community.

1. What is your position on public funding for arts and culture?

2. If elected, what measurable actions will you take to ensure that arts and cultural offerings survive and thrive in Washtenaw county? Please be specific.

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