July 17th, 2007


Books Received and Read

Mainspring Cover by Stehan Martiniere

Kage Baker's The Sons of Heaven came in the mail this week, thanks to Dot Lin at Tor. This is not an ARC - you can all get it through your local book store if you like; it came out on July 10. The cover art by Paul Youll is straightforward in theme and composition and yet delightfully well-rendered. I look forward to reading it.

Speaking of reading, this week I finished off Territory, by Emma Bull, The Last Colony, by John Scalzi, and before those, Mainspring, by Jay Lake (all from Tor as well -and speaking of cover art, Stehan Martiniere did an absolutely gorgeous job on Mainspring's, as you can see). Now I just need to get off my butt and drop a sheaf of reviews in the general direction of Bill Shafer, and then you'll know what I think of them.