July 9th, 2007

Brian and Anne

BBQ tomorrow at spark central - including behind-the-scenes baseball IT

Date: Tuesday, July 10, 2007
Time: 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Location: Ann Arbor IT Zone. 330 E. Liberty, Ann Arbor
    Member $10
    Nonmember $25
    Student $5

Diane Durance writes:
It’s shaping up to be our best BBQ ever! You won’t want to miss Scott Wruble, Director of IT for the Detroit Tigers, and his Show and Tell on baseball’s evolving behind-the-scenes technology (including the IT behind the 2005 All-Star Game and the 2006 World Series). Scott’s bringing an insider’s perspective -- and plenty of fun Tiger giveaways.

Enjoy the Microsoft Xbox Lounge – win the Home Run Derby and you’ll go home with a Zune. Watch the All-Star Game on a 10’ screen – thanks to Comcast and Tel Systems jumping in to get us up and running.

Be a good sport -- don’t miss tomorrow’s food and fun. Drop by any time from 4-8 p.m. – register at the door or in advance.

For more info, go to The event listing

(no, I don't know why the email says 4 and the listing says 5. sorry)
Brian and Anne

Fireworks! Sparklers! And friends! Oh, my!

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Finally posted the best of the pictures from the Fourth of July party onto Flickr. Many of them are fairly dark, but if you look closely you'll see that it is me, Lucy, and Katy doing the sparklers at different times. atdt1991 took most of these pictures, except near the end when I took the camera back for a bit, then he took it back and told me to get into the group picture, then... I think Chuck took the ones where Scott and Katy are gesticulating wildly. Hard to know. Anyway, it was much fun and I'm still picking up firecracker paper and the odd bottle rocket stick, but it's totally worth it for the memories.


Race for the Rocket

My review of this year's novel-length Hugo nominees is online now in the Summer edition of Subterranean Magazine, along with loads of fabulous material by Elizabeth Bear and a few other authors and a panel discussion from Penguicon on the life and work of influential sf author Godfrey Winton, a topic I recall merited much serious and considered discussion at the Subterranean breakfast before the panel.

Yes, we have Author GoHs!

I am pleased to report that Justine Larbalestier and Scott Westerfeld have agreed to be ConFusion Guests of Honor in 2008.

Our guest list is now complete. The rest of the bunch consists of Carl Lundgren (Artist GoH), Throwing Toasters (Music GoH), Kevin M. Dunn (Science GoH), John Scalzi (Toastmaster), and The Pirates (Fan Guests).

Scott and Justine are both fabulous authors and Justine is also a feminist scholar, which is something I'm quite keen about. I'm so excited I've landed myself on a con committee again as Scott and Justine's Liaison.

In other news, the Fourth Street Fantasy Convention is returning to Minneapolis next June 20-22. I'm hoping to attend that as well. So the cons I'm currently planning to go to are (maybe Conclave, maybe WFC,) Smofcon in Boston in December, ConFusion in January, (maybe Penguicon,) 4th Street Fantasy, Apollocon, and Denvention 3 (the Worldcon).

What cons are you planning to attend?