July 2nd, 2007


ok, here it is: 42 meme

42 Meme
from tammylc who got it from lauriemann who got it from shsilver who got it from supergee...

1. Go into the archives of your LJ.
2. Find your 42nd entry ever. Yes, this may require some counting and basic math. Deal with it.
3. Link to that entry in a new entry. This is the meaning of your life.

pain and injury and playing despite it. Yup sounds like the meaning of my life so far. Or some substantial part of it, anyway.

hmm, that's a timely reminder I was instructed to ice my shoulder and neck tonight...

4th of July: Firefly marathon at my house

atdt1991 has linked to here on his LJ saying that I'll have details and directions, so I'd best make with the details, eh?

We were originally thinking of going to the lake, but there's a 60% chance of rain and thunderstorms, so instead we're hosting the Firefly marathon Scott suggested about a week ago.

Starting around noon, and going to whenever, stop by the house anytime up until... let's say midnight. Firefly will be showing in the basement.

In the evening, if the weather pans out, some of us will go over to Great Oak for fireworks.

I will have some random selection of food and drink at the house, and will likely be baking sweets during the afternoon. Bring something to share if you like (or don't). :)

The grill is on the covered back porch, so if you feel like bringing stuff for grilling here, by all means, do. Rain will not hinder you, though wind may.

Depending on the weather we might also have a fire out back later at night.

That is all the details I can think of. Directions are behind the link up there. We *will* have Serenity available, but will be focused on the series for the most part. The movie only if people are wanting it.

The Space Boy

Today I read an ARC of The Space Boy, by Orson Scott Card. Only Card could make passing through the anus of an inter-dimensional worm sound like a rewarding adventure.

(This is the man who wrote an entire book called Wyrms, remember. One of his best, in fact. Those weren't the interstellar kind though. Those were the "take up every phylum of the planet" kind. Different.)