April 2nd, 2007

Brian and Anne

And the rage settles down to something more productive (insight?)

Earlier I posted about the Kathy Sierra case, about the technogeek who was afraid to travel because of anonymous threats made to her online both in comments on her own blog and on other blog websites --sites that had been created by a group of people, mainly Chris Locke, who posted a response shortly after she made a post that I thought held everyone she named rather too responsible for the bad situation she was in (though it was a complex case).

Now Kathy and Chris have posted a coordinated statement prior to this morning's airing of a CNN story about the two of them. I'm glad several people detected the fact that it was hard to figure out exactly what had happened in the case and important not to leap to judgements without knowing the situation (kudos to Doc Searls for his commentary. As any serious student of history knows, it is often hard or even impossible to piece together exactly what was done, and by whom, in a particular event, or how one action lead to or influenced another. Blame is less useful than, in this case, coming together and finding space for agreement about what acts are awful and how we really want to live and be and say, including in cyberspace.