March 16th, 2007

cat's eye

Write-in SFWA election candidates

I'm not a member of SFWA (not being a pro SF author, natch), but I note with interest the write-in campaigns of John Scalzi for SFWA President, and Derryl Murphy for VP.

I hope this rouses interesting discussion about the role of SFWA and the future of publishing.

SFOHA also finds itself with a executive ballot that only includes one person per slot, but we have a much smaller membership (though, sadly, they are not very active, something I clearly need to work on somehow). I generally agree that an active organization ought to have competition for its leadership, so I encourage people to let other people (especially SFWA authors) know about these write-in campaigns. I understand ballots are in the mail (some people have gotten theirs) and are due back by 4/28.