March 14th, 2007

sideways grin

We won!

We won! 6-5. This is the first soccer game we won since I joined the team. We had a lot of subs and it was earlier than most of our games last season, starting at 8. Colin asked, "Was it just fatigue all along?" the other team was quite good but they only had one sub. Still it was close and I was pleased because I felt I played well. Colin called me our best "poker", good for poking my foot in and taking the ball away from their best dribblers. I always was good at defense. I also got a moment to shine in midfield too, though, keeping the ball at their end in what turned out to be an assist to the last, tie-breaking goal of the day. What excitement!

Definitely the highlight of my day.

And now, a hot bath. :)