February 23rd, 2007

Brian and Anne

New Icon

Feb 16 2007 - by Davroz
Originally uploaded by netmouse.

I have a new default icon, thanks to Davroz, who shot this picture of me at Shay's party last Friday. A friend at work was just commenting the other day that I needed an icon with my current glasses, so here you go. You can barely see them in the icon, but if you click through to the picture you can see that I'm doing what seems to drive some people nuts - looking right through the top frame of my glasses. I'm sorry if this bugs you. most of the time my brain edits out the glasses frame and I'm not very aware of it.

There is no bottom frame - the lenses are suspended from the top and sides.

Brian and Anne

Math Memory

A friend's post reminded me how it can be hard to remember math definitions, and of one of my favorites to remember.

--Did you ever learn the soh-cah-toa mnemonic?

My math teacher once walked into the room with a bucket of water, took her shoe and sock off, dipped her toe into the water and gave an exaggerated sigh of relief. We all stared at her until she explained that this is an important geometry mnemonic - soak a toe (ah!)

Soh --Sine (Opposite over Hypotenuse)
Cah --Cosine (adjacent over Hypotenuse)
Toa --Tangent (opposite over adjacent)

(if this is unfamiliar, see the pretty picture and explanation)