January 25th, 2007

Brian and Anne

Soccer! - anyone up for a game on Friday (10 pm)?

Last week the Red Devils had a pretty strong game, but were suffering from a lack of subs. This week we're anticipating even more of a problem, as key members are out of town or recovering from surgery.

This is indoor soccer on the wonderful turf at WideWorldSports on the south side of Ann Arbor. All are welcome. Anyone female who's interested in playing will be a big hero, 'cause it's a coed league so we have to have two women on the field at all times, and one of our female players is definitely not going to be there. Wear a red t-shirt and show up at 9:45 and we will worship you! Even better, leave a comment or email me at netmouse (at) netmouse.com and we can get together for dinner and a warm-up and stretch beforehand, if you're interested (my house is conveniently only 5 minutes from the sports place).
Brian and Anne

Soar Technology: One of Michigan's "50 companies to Watch"

When I'm not doing other things, I work as a Human Factors Engineer at Soar Technology, a small research and development company here in Ann Arbor that builds and researches artificial intelligence through cognitive modeling and related software.

This week we heard that we have been selected as one of the 2007 "Michigan 50 Companies to Watch" by the Michigan Small Business & Technology Development Center. Which is, you know, pretty cool.

More information about the award