January 20th, 2007

Brian and Anne

Another Tidbit from GTD

It is easier to act yourself into a better way of feeling than to feel yourself into a better way of action. --O.H. Mowrer

... And in the meantime I have gotten so motivated that I am digging through the pile of papers at the right-hand "in-box"-y side of my home desk. Well, the desk the laptop sits on, not the one I do the bills at. [UPDATED To Say: A clear section/corner of desk! um... wow! neat! now I just have to move the sorted piles of stuff off the other side of the desk where it *used* to be clear...]

Random comments stemming from conversation earlier today as well as the pile of stuff on my desk:

  • We might consider doing the Dexter Ann Arbor Run on June 3. There are different lengths and I'm guessing I might be at a 5k or 10k fitness walk/run level, whereas for all I know Bill will be doing a half Marathon like my friend Liz plans to. It ends downtown at Taste of Ann Arbor. Am happy to just meet up with people at the Taste, as well. (The questionable part of our attendance has to do with the fact that that's the same weekend as the Grinnell Reunion. It's not our reunion year but there's been some talk of going, anyway.)

  • Museum Replicas has some fun-looking stuff, but they should have set up the web store so that it checks to see if it has any products in a category before it gives you a link to that category, not after you follow the link...

  • Do you have an Arthur Murray Dance Studio near you? Look in the programs section of the web site for an internet coupon for a free dance lesson.