January 15th, 2007

Brian and Anne


Bill got caught in the ice storm on the way home from Chicago last night. He's ok, but you should have seen the ice buildup on his car this morning - thick line of ice all the way up the radio antenna and sideburns of ice on both sides of the front of the car - basically the car looks windswept with ice.

The ice on the trees is pretty, of course, even with the awareness that it might break them (I saw a few down on my way to work). And thankfully most of the sidewalks and roads are just wet, not slippery.

Jewish Music Blog

A friend of mine at work has started a Blog about Jewish music. I'm not jewish but I occassionally drift through his collection on iTunes and I appreciate his taste in music in general and even my occassional forays into the genre stuff. I'm sure he'll have lots of interesting things to say, so do check it out if the topic interests you.