January 11th, 2007

Brian and Anne


Katherine Becker came over last night to practice guitar and we had a nice visit. When she left I left the guitar and my soft nylon pick in the den with the cat and went to bed. When I came in in the morning the cat had bitten a hole in the pick. I really wouldn't have predicted that...

Anyway, I was posting because we're still pretty much beginners and I was wondering if folks who've also studied guitar had any recommendations for songs we should try learning. If you can point us to chordings that would be helpful too. I also ought to dig out Rise up Singing and see if I can figure out some of those songs...
Brian and Anne

Chris Dodd declares candidacy for president

Washington Post article


I personally hope the democratic party will not select Hilary Clinton as its candidate, because so much of the country doesn't trust or like her and it seems a shame to act as if there are not other strong (even female) candidates in the country, and to further alienate younger democrats who already seem to oppose the idea and are wondering why they can't influence their party. I don't know about Barak Obama's chances of winning, either. He seems like a sharp guy but also relatively young and unproven compared to some.

The Iraq war is clearly going to be a big issue in the next presidential election, as is the general question of how to reduce terrorism. If you could set those two issues aside, what would you want in an American president for 2008?