January 8th, 2007

Brian and Anne

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Snow! And Bill cleaned off and warmed up my car for me before I left for work! An unasked-for and delightful favor.

It's pretty warm despite the snow, so it may melt, but it almost looks like winter out there.
Brian and Anne

Pic of me and my sister Sarah

Anne and Sarah
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This is me and my sister. My dad took the photo as we were leaving their house sometime during the holidays. Our hair seems to be trying to merge, but other than that it's a pretty good picture of how the "bangs" haircut is working on me.

Don't I have a gorgeous sister? I think so.

Brian and Anne

For comparison...

Young Sisters
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Here is me and Sarah when we were little. Once again she's to my right. Why is that, I wonder? Anyway, you can see that she's always had darker hair and skin color than I do, and she's always had a great smile (though orthodontics helped shape both our smiles later in life).

Sarah is about three years older than I am, in case you were wondering.