December 31st, 2006



Today Bill and I went on the Belle Isle Family Fun Walk/Run.

We went 4 miles, starting and ending at the two-story Spanish building that used to be a casino and now mostly hosts events. I started at 3:05 with the Walking group, and Bill started at 3:30 with the running group, doing the same route. It was fun despite the wind and the rain on the first leg, and I was pleased to take up with a couple other women whose jogging pace was similar to mine --most of the fast walkers seemed to walk much faster than me, but from the first I was hoping to jog much of the time, and with jogging I could outpace a lot of the walkers. Much easier with someone to pace you. When we passed the 1 mile mark the volunteer there told me I was number 17 of the walkers. we passed a few more people and jogged the last leg into the end side by side, with runners dashing around us. We picked up papers that indicated we were the 5th, 6th, and 7th women from the walking section to finish, and someone else took our names and towns so Bill thinks I might end up in the detroit news.

It was a wonderful feeling to keep such a pace on my first event of this sort. Bill also kept the running pace he was hoping for, which meant that we finished at almost the exact same time - 31 minutes for him, 56 for me.