October 4th, 2006


Poison Letters

Hi folks.

It seems someone who, um, really really dislikes me is writing poisonous anonymous comments on LJ. A couple months ago there was one posted to my LJ about how I was cheating on Bill (which I'm not). On September 30th, it was a more elaborate post on Bill's LJ about how this person hopes he falls in love with this girl he's hiking with because I am actually a professional whore who isn't good enough for him, etc. etc. That's not true either. Well, the whore part anyway. Whether or not I'm good enough for Bill is up to Bill and I can make no assertions on that point.

Anyway, this is obviously a person who hopes to break up my marraige and/or ruin my and my husband's reputations. I don't particularly like that.

Anonymous posts are now screened on both of our journals.

However, I can't do anything about your journals, and my friends list is of course public, and for all I know this person is also badmouthing me at cons - there was mention in the last post of having worked on cons I've worked on. I thought I would go ahead and say that if you read or hear something poisonous about me, I hope you will a) doubt it, b) feel free to talk to me about it, c) delete it if it is an anonymous post - and send me the IP address if you track them. (And if for some reason someone posts this sort of thing in a non-anonymous way, well, I'd like to hear about that too.)