October 3rd, 2006


Back Yard Thoughts

And suddenly, for a few hours yesterday, it was fall. Not raining, sun out, smell of leaves in your nose. nice.

I picked up a salad at the produce station and came home and sat out on the back porch to eat it. Bill and I have been talking about really fixing up our back yard so we can enjoy it. Sitting out on the porch, I observed some things about what I notice back there that I'd like to change:

  1. It is loud with traffic noise from nearby streets, especially Liberty
  2. It is ugly
  3. It is uncomfortable

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Sarah's painting

More home decorating

Kitchen 2
Originally uploaded by netmouse.

I promised pictures from the painting, so here you are. Purple and red in the kitchen, white and brown in the basement. Later once the windows are replaced I think I'll add some other color in the kitchen. some sort of blue, maybe, from my sister's painting. See the whole set Here

Brian and Anne

Spam LJ comments

I just got three spam comments, from,, and The spam comments (screened) were all links to poker sites that had random strings as the subjects of the posts. I've seen three other posts about LJ spam being up today. I encourage people to report (to your journal if nothing else) the IP addresses of the spammers. I don't really have time to follow up on them and I'm not really sure how to, honestly. The LJ FAQ talks about contacting someone's ISP, but it doesn't say how.