August 6th, 2006

Sarah's painting

An Adventure!

I had a wonderful weekend adventure with Scott and Jenny, camping up North. What made it the most adventurous was that Scott's truck sometimes didn't start. I had not given a car a running start before, and it had been *far* too long since the last time I actually got under a car to work on it. I used to get under cars a lot when I was a kid, but since I wwasn't allowed to do things myself I got bored with it. Jenny recommended the basic auto mechanics course at WCC now that I'm adult and can work on cars. I might be tempted. Anyway, I'm reasonably sure I now know where the starter motor is on Scott's truck, should it need to be given a good smack with a hammer (one way to start it, when combined with having someone else turn the key).

Friday night Scott and I headed out later than expected, but Scott got us safely to the Empire county campground, where Jenny had secured a site for us earlier. She woke up and helped us pitch our tent at 2 in the morning.

Saturday we had much successful hanging out, and toured the sleeping bear dunes, and hiked through some, and went swimming in lake michigan, and had our stuff gotten wet by rising waves, which gave me an excuse to create a breaker wall, something I learned to do through experimental engineering when I was younger (worst sunburn I ever got was from a morning and early afternoon spent pitching my sand engineering skills against the waves of Lake Michigan, when I was about 11, I think). There was some beachwalking and a nice picnic lunch and later dinner and a half a dozen things involving cherries, most of which were different flavors of ice cream (I sampled a bunch and finally had Cherry Mint Chocolate Chip, but the Cherry praline pecan was also really tasty). In the sleepy part of the afternoon we played a game that I'm hoping one of the others will post the name of. It was fun.

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