July 17th, 2006

Sarah's painting

The Art Fair is coming - Prepare!

I have little bites on my feet and ankles. I suspect a small spider was in my bed last night. I hope it successfully vanquished my feet and escaped and went far, far, away.

There is fresh milk this morning. I would have been up for a walk, but it was nice not to have to go for some. Having roommates continues to be nifty. Last night when I got home from rehearsal I fell over on the couch and brendan came and chatted about everything and nothering and we had dinner together and that was nice.

The Ann Arbor Street Art Fair is this week. I wonder how it will affect my commute. I've never had this happen at a time when I drove through downtown to get to work before (I usually take Liberty to 7th to Huron to Division and on out across the bridge and out Plymouth to Green). I know Huron will stay open, but... with thousands of people coming into town, I don't expect the freeway to be any better. I could avoid downtown by taking 7th all the way north, jumping over to Summit and taking Depot to Division instead. Or maybe so long as I go early enough in the morning (say, 7:30), it won't be a problem?

Thoughts anyone?