July 12th, 2006


news, explosions in India

sleigh has good comments about how the explosions that killed almost 200 people in India didn't make a dent in U.S. News yesterday. I'd heard about it because I mostly get my news from you folks (thanks, novapsyche).

Every so often I shudder to think of the cultural and informational bubble most of America seems to reside within.

But some things are still good. I was over at my mom's on Sunday, and Simpsons was on TV, and I hadn't seen that episode before, and it was good, and it made my mom smile (she had a hystorectomy on Friday and was looking kind of fragile), so that was good.
Brian and Anne

medical transcriptionists?

If any of y'all have training and are qualified to do medical transcription, I know someone who is hiring... (so far as I know from my aunt, who used to do that, it's actually a pretty steady demand field, but the company Soartech uses to do our transcription is looking for people, so I thought I'd mention...)