July 6th, 2006

Brian and Anne

Hugo Nominees: Short Stories

The Hugo voting deadline is July 31, so you better be well read by now. If not, get reading! Last month I wrote up a review of all of the short fiction nominees for Emerald City and then failed to get it to Cheryl in time for the June issue, so I'm posting it here. Within each category I discuss the stories in the order in which they appear on the ballot, since that seems as reasonable an order as any. All of these stories are available online, with links to Hugo nominees on LACon IV's website.

Short Stories

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RIP rich brown

I just heard that rich brown has died, of complications in surgery. For a few years I was active on the Timebinders email lsit and while I was, I very much appreciated rich's virtual company. I printed a piece by him that was posted to the list, in an issue of Midfanzine. I have been sorry to not have had time to keep up with the list recently, and I am especially sorry now that we have unexpectedly and sorrowfully lost one of our best fan historians. He will be missed, by me among many.