June 12th, 2006


In Traverse

The roomies rule the roost now, as I am in Traverse and Bill is at the Warren Dunes State Park, on his way over here (I really do like text messaging). After a too-big dinner I had the guys drop me off at a beachfront park on the way back to the hotel. I walked along the beach barefoot and called my sister, who rightly told me I was mean to call and rub in the fact that I was sitting dangling my feet in Traverse, Bay, but I just had to share.

There was a swan and everything.

Conference for the next three days. I'll try to get to bed early tonight. I spent most of the weekend either resting or poking around the house just enjoying being *home*. I think my cold is on the way out. Ankle still hurts and stomach is still dodgy but I'm getting there. And I'm relaxing by reading Alice Hoffman's The Probably Future, which is really quite lovely.