May 4th, 2006

Sarah's painting

Advance notice

I will be performing sketch comedy with Monkey Rampant at the Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase on Liberty on Wednesday, May 10. Then we have a couple weeks off, so if you want to see me perform soon, come next week! The show is only $5 and starts at 8:00 PM with the standup comics. Monkey Rampant comes on after.

(Bill and Laura and Bill agree that Monkey Rampant is funnier than the stand-ups, but we hope everyone will come at 8 and support them - standupis hard!)
Sarah's painting


Learned a new song today. "Sweet Baby James" by James Taylor. I learned it in case I get a chance to sing it to Lorraine and Malena at Balticon, because if there were ever moonlight ladies, it was those two. Oh yeah, I'm going to Balticon. :)

Maybe I'll see some of you there, I don't know.

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