April 16th, 2006

Brian and Anne

back pain and upcoming Performance(s)

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Now it's the run up to Penguicon. Buffy is at 11 pm on Friday. We *think* we have a complete cast, except for a horned demon for the openning scene. This is a *very* easy role. If you're interested, please let me know.

Exciting news of this past week is I was selected to join the cast of the Monkey Rampant Sketch Compedy troupe and I was in fact supposed to perform this wednesday (in one sketch out of about 20). I may still. We'll have to see how my back feels.

Had a nice Easter. Mom and dad came over for brunch with me and Laura and Catherine, and then Mom and dad and I went up to Grandma's for dinner and a nice visit and much viewing of photos from mom and dad's Hawaii/Arizona vacation of a month past. I had lots of sugar, which I've been off for lent, and I now feel pretty woozy, so I'm going off it again...

Also had a nice phone conversation with my mother-in-law, whose birthday it is today. maybe another phone conversation or two to go, and then to bed.