March 10th, 2006

Brian and Anne

He's gonna be gone for a while...

I realized today, talking to a couple of co-workers, that I haven't really been tremendously explicit about something to people in general:

Bill (my husband) is leaving on Monday to hike the whole appalachian trail. He hits GA on Monday and exects to hit the trail on 3.14. His trail name will be Pi.

That's approx. 2175 miles

5 to 6 months

(if all goes well)

I have two housemates to keep me company, and Bill and I will be in touch a lot by phone and post. If you want to mail him something, let me know. I can give you addresses and approximate dates when he might check for mail at them. Bill and I will be getting together at the beginning of May for a friend's wedding, and at the beginning of June for our ten-year reunion at Grinnell College. after that we're estimating a visit in the DC area around late June, we might do a NYC visit, and Geri has invited us to do a visit in Mass when he's near her place.

I will be posting updates on his progress, as I get them, to murphyw's journal.

Today is Bill's last day in Ann Arbor before the hike starts. We're going to Chicago for the weekend and he'll depart for Georgia from there.

Just thought people should know...