February 15th, 2006

south park ninja

Support and protect your national parks

Two action items.

  • One, the Department of Interior are re-writing the policies to be followed by National Park Management Superintendents. You might guess that, under the Bush administration, this would be a bad thing. And you'd be right. Go to the NPCA Action Center before February 18 to add your public comment opposing the proposed re-write.

  • Two, as murphyw explains over here, in order to spend monies once promised to build a road for people who were impacted when the Fontana Dam and Reservior was put in, there is a proposal to build a totally unnecessary (as in redundant) road through part of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Hikers and other conservationists support an alternative non-roadbuilding option, which is to spend that money on a cash settlement to members of said community. If you support this third alternative and oppose building more roads in America's most-visited and most-polluted National park, pleased go here and submit your comments.