January 9th, 2006

Brian and Anne

I don't know why I never particularly noticed this before...

When February has 28 days, all the dates in February fall on the same days of the week as the same dates in the month of March following it. If you know what day of the week a date is in either month, it will be the same day of the week in the other. This has of course been happening all my life but I don't *feel* like I ever noticed it before.

Bill will be starting on the AT on Tuesday, March 14, 28 days after Tuesday, February 14 (valentines day). Maybe we'll do something special on Valentines this year in one-month anticipation.
Brian and Anne

Why I Don't Drink Tea Very Often

Because I don't trust it not to be, well, hot. Because I made it hot, and it keeps steaming suspiciously and, well, I'm a wuss when it comes to hot things in my mouth.

That said, I am enjoying a new Throat Coat tea that tammylc turned me onto. I don't think it's helping my throat as much as a full night's sleep would have, but what can you do? There were street sweepers, with the beeping and the noise. and that was clearly more important than any sleeping that was trying to happen before the dawn.