January 1st, 2006

Brian and Anne

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all and sundry... :)

We had a fun evening yesterday. Mike and Brendan stayed in and Bill and I stayed in and we were joined by Tammy and Eric and Liam for dinner, and by Rikhei and Janann and Jeff and Sarah (my sister) and Jenny (a friend of mine since High School) and her brother Michael. Once everyone was here it was a goodly crowd and the two slabs of pork ribs I had slow-cooked overnight went quickly. We also had Tammy's sesame soy green beans and red peppers; a pseudo-waldorf salad Bill made with pear and pineapple instead of apple with assistance from Tammy; Some good bread Tammy and Eric brought; a vegetarian Curry dish I made with Paneer (a kind of cheese) and potatoes, carrots and peas, and rice; potatoes au gratin from the Omaha Steak Company, and lot of cookies. Lot of people brought cookies and snacks to supplement, and after the first round I put out shrimp cocktail in case anyone was still hungry.

After dinner Rikhei and I started the jigsaw puzzle Papa had given me for my birthday - 1000 pieces, a tree frog peeking over the edge of a leaf. With various people helping, we made good progress. Mike and Brendan got the red parts (eyes and toes) put together - as of this morning the frog part is nearly done and the edge is nearly finished as well. Lots of leaf yet to do...

Sarah's friend Tim and his wife and little boy showed up and shortly after that we started watching the movie "Serenity". Tim and family could only stay for the beginning, but it was still nice to see them.

Mary and Dave showed up just before the end of the movie, bringing even more cookies and some champagne. What with watching the extras on the Serenity DVD and the jigsaw puzzle and all the good company, Bill and I surprised ourselves by staying awake through midnight - Everyone gathered in the kitchen for the count down and toasted the new year and I got a lovely kiss from my Bill. He had put the radio on and a few of us scrambled downstairs, where Mary and Mike took turns doing disco effects with the lights and we danced around being silly for a while.

We didn't last much longer than that, but it was fun. The party wound down and those who were leaving left and bed and sleep were a goodness but I didn't feel too stretched. Today I'm tired and sore but that's partly because I got a good workout on Friday.

Rikhei said it was the best new year's ever and I had to agree. Bill and I have a lot of new things ahead of us this year, a lot of change. He's going to Hike the AT. I'm going to be working and writing and editing and visiting him and maybe doing some other travel. I expect we'll do a lot of growing and a lot of reaching out to people for balance and to keep in touch. I felt really lucky to be celebrating the new year with a group of people I felt so comfortable with, who give us energy and support and cause us to open up and be more us than we are alone.

I aim to keep that in mind in the coming year, and to try to be more open in general - to letting my feelings happen (and show), to getting help (and companionship) when I need it and giving it when I have it to give and experiencing the love that I am lucky to have around me.