August 31st, 2005


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I hate how, when you're tired, you do everything worse... Sometimes I run into walls and such. Today I decided I really am fighting a cold and came home from work to take a nap. Getting into my car I managed to scrape my neck on the top corner of the car door as I opened it.


goodnight for now.
Brian and Anne

Just trying to flip through the pictures from our trip...

back in the day, windows came with a perfectly fine picture viewer. okay, it did have the annoying habit of automatically saving the changes to the file if you rotated an image, but it at least scanned through them in chronological/numerical/alphabetical order in the folder and would even do a slideshow if you wanted. my work laptop comes with something called "Jasc Paint Shop photo album"... are they showing the pictures in random order in order to get me to upgrade to an edition that does something sane? Gaa!

At least it asks for confirmation that you want to save changes if you rotate an image, but - Gaa!

Is there a sane picture viewer out there? anyone?