August 19th, 2005

Brian and Anne


From a variety of people, most recently supergee

Chances are people you don't even know are being introduced to your journal every day, either randomly or through someone else. In addition to recent entries, people can get to know you better by what you posted in the past. With that in mind post a link to your entries on this day exactly three months ago, six months ago, nine months ago, and a year ago. If there was no entry on that day, link the closest date.

(I don't tend to post on the 19th of the month for some reason...)

3 months ago I posted a note about busy travel plans.

6 months ago I posted a meme about how passionate a lover you are. It thought it was likely I'm bisexual. I think it's probably right. Let's ask the last girl I kissed. aimeejc, what do you think?

9 months ago I was approaching my birthday and posted that I was crossing my fingers that the first job interview went well for the job I now have at Soar Technology. I'm pleased to say that either it did or they hired me anyway. :)

A year ago was a sort of weekend review which probably makes more sense if you know that at the time I was working Tuesdays through Saturdays at The Caravan Shop and had Sundays and Mondays off, and that my maiden name is Gay.