August 5th, 2005

Brian and Anne

Baby Slings

I went shopping for a baby shower today, and ended up calling Tammy to find out where she got her Guatamalan Baby Sling - New Moon Midwifery, whose office is at the The Center for the Child-Bearing Year at 722 Brooks St, in Ann Arbor.

This is only a couple blocks away from my mom's house, which came in handy since I didn't have enough cash and don't carry a checkbook and they don't take credit cards. -- I ran over and got a check from my mom. (Slings are $40 - made in nicaragua at Casa Materna out of cotton fabric from Guatamala.

When I got back, I looked on the web for directions and found some nice ones on the Wallababy site for Baby Slings. Their slings are reversible and look very pretty and are $35.

I did get a sling at New Moon Midwifery today but their selection was pretty slim and I wasn't crazy about what any of them looked like. If I get another one or get one for me (I'm not planning to get pregnant real soon, but eventually) I'll probably get one from Wallababy. They also had a link to Robeez baby shoes, which I've seen and heard are a good line of baby shoes.