June 23rd, 2005

Brian and Anne

Kudos to my roommate

I got up this morning and brendand has already taken out the garbage and recycling! That's so nice!

A few days ago he also replaced the light bulbs in our front porch light and the light at the bottom of the basement stairs (the one that lights the stairs and is run by switches at the top and bottom of the steps).

As Bill commented, he knows how to do the little things that get big credit. :)

I also want to thank Rikhei and Janann, who came over last night and helped me unpack a couple boxes of books from Bill's mom onto the shelves and move things around in the den. I am now really close to having my library reorganization project done. And the den is starting to look habitable again! double plus good!
Brian and Anne

Four Years Today

On June 23, 2001, Bill and I celebrated our love and publicly declared our union.

I am very lucky to have such a caring and wonderful man as my husband. He amazes me with his intelligence and wit, his humor and adventurousness, and his patient and steadfast support of me in all that I do. He's also handsome and sexy and can cook and juggle and, and, I could go on all day... :)

We've actually been together for 9 years, but today we celebrate the fourth year of our marraige.

Bill, I love you more than ever. I look forward to spending a lifetime with you.

Happy Anniversary.