June 14th, 2005

Brian and Anne

Sale at the comic book shop downtown Ann Arbor

Tonight there was a company dinner at Pizza House to mark the start of the Soar Workshop, and then Scott mentioned that the comic book and gaming store that used to be The Underworld was having a going
out of business sale. (Most everything is at least 20% off, poker stuff is 40% off, as are independent paperback bound books.) I bought a couple things by Will Eisner on sequential art, a couple things by Neil Gaiman I didn't have yet (Harlequin Valentine and Creatures of the Night), a copy of the Apple crate edition of Apples to Apples, and four of the collected volumes of the Ghost comic book series. All for about $90. He gave me 50% off the books since I was getting so many, except for one
used book that was 70% off, and 20% off the game. I asked him to let me know if he gets any of Jill Thompson's stuff in since he's still getting things in from the warehouse and I still haven't seen her
Death minis.

I understand the sale will be going on through around June 28, though store furnishings will start to go away a few days earlier.

I don't know how you have a Going Out of Business sale while still receiving merchandise from the warehouse, when you have other stores you could send it to, but there it is. Maybe these discounts are enough under markup that they're still making money on the sale and keeping in new material will help sell the old.
Brian and Anne

Speaking of Neil Gaiman

Neil has posted to his journal that the MirrorMask trailer is now up at http://movies.yahoo.com/feature/mirrormask.html

The MirrorMask movie is set to be released in late September by Sony Pictures (website http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/mirrormask/main.html) and Neil seems to think the number of trailer downloads might influence how widely it gets distributed. So go take a look-see.

I think it looks fascinating. I'll be quite keen to see it.

Neil is also posting links to advance reviews of Anansi Boys now. I am one of the people lucky enough to have read it already and I can assure you all that it is better than a candy ice on a hot day. It will send shivers up your spine and sweeten your outlook on life, and you might find yourself laughing, mid-consumption. Later, when you feel vaguely dizzy and wonder whatever happened to your head, you'll remember, and you will smile.

I wonder how many Lime-things Neil will be given when he's on tour...