June 13th, 2005



I guess I haven't posted in nearly a month about what's happening to me, personally. I'm pretty good. brendand has moved in and now has the most organized room in the house. This has inspired me (as if I needed inspiring) to work on eliminating the stacks of varied clutter that have accumulated in the last couple years, reorganise all the bookshelves (many of those stacks are simply stacks of books), and finish the various half-done projects that are sitting around. This could take me months, of course.

But, I am at more loose ends than usual, since Bill is spending the next three weeks on a vacation - a hiking and park-visiting road trip North through Michigan, into Canada, around the north end of Lake Superior and back down through Minnesota and Chicago. While I appreciate people's invitations to be social, generally I hope to take advantage of this time to put in some long hours at work and make progress on various afore-mentioned projects. Besides, Brendan makes for fine company. :) Since most people ask, Bill is going on a vacation without me because I've only accumulated a few days of vacation and he had a few weeks of vacation that he was going to lose if he didn't cash them in by the end of this month - company policy just changed and it was use them or lose them.

Still, I have enjoyed seeing friends in the past week, I plan to go to Monkey Rampant on Thursday and would welcome company, and I also plan to stop in at the Stilyagi picnic this Saturday.

Let's see... other news includes the fact that I sprained my ankle last Wednesday. It seems I'm not as good at walking and reading as I used to be, and loose sandals didn't help. It's a relatively minor sprain, I'm pretty sure, and I expect it to be better in a couple days. Yesterday I was well enough to go to the Cube for Tai Chi, and I plan to continue going (Saturdays and Sundays at 8:30 AM) throughout the summer. It's free and I encourage people to come try it if you're at all curious. The Cube is in regents plaza, just North of the U of M Student Union.